Meditation can improve your life and help you connect to yourself in a profound way.

Lots of students, both competitive and recreational athletes, as well as business executives and professionals of all kinds that I have guided and currently work with, have asked me why meditate, how does meditation help my life? Would it interfere with my religious beliefs? How can sitting on a cushion and watching your breath can do anything for you?

These are some of the question many of my students today, have asked me before they started their meditation practice, and at the beginning of their meditation training.

You can think of meditation as a very powerful and natural medicine for your mind and emotions. It is the ability to utilize what we already posses, which is natural confidence, clarity, relaxation and panoramic awareness.

Meditation is a practice that allows the human being to balance emotions and improve oneself both at a internal level and in any external field or discipline one embarks on. It allows us to achieve great relaxation and eliminate stress, it increases memory, enhances clarity, expands your creativity and gives you lasting contentment and happiness.

The practice of meditation is probably more relevant now as our lives move at an incredible speed, and we are constantly stimulated through technology, news and television, trends, consumption and a torrent of distractions.

Meditation practice will bring your scattered mind to recollect itself, appreciate your life, enjoy what you have, understand how to deal with difficult situations, and relate to others in a more sane approach.

I remember when I first started practicing and studying meditation I could only last a couple of breaths, at the most, without getting distracted. I remember my Tibetan Meditation Teachers comparing an untrained mind to a feather in the wind, moving without control in any direction depending on how the wind is blowing.

As years passed by and I remained practicing everyday, and attending week long and weekend retreats, my mind became more stable, capable of genuinely relaxing, and having the ability and skill of dealing with the ups and downs of life in a more intelligent and wise way. Even though I have been seriously practicing for the last 12 years, spending almost 4 years at a Tibetan Meditation Center studying, practicing and learning from people that have spent their lives practicing and developing their minds, there is always room for improvement and further refining of oneself. It is a practice that will make you tune in with your natural essence, and for that reason once you taste this, you will see meditation as your own preventive and actual medicine for your emotions and overall wellbeing.

Meditation is a millenary practice that has been utilized for spiritual development since time immemorial, and even though the Buddhist and Daoist (among others) have embraced this technology as one of the main aspects of their spiritual practices, it is a universal tool that every human being is able to utilize to improve themselves. Meditation is not directly associated with any particular religion or faith, and I highly believe in its power to heal one’s mind. You do not have to become anything to practice it. In fact, whether you are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim,

and atheist or any other adherent to a particular faith, it will simply help you connect to yourself in a more profound way.

You can think of meditation as fitness for your mind: If we are so in tune with the importance of being physically fit, why are we not paying attention to our most powerful and limitless tool, aka our mind?

For these and many other reasons, and through the remarkable improvement seen in many of my students both at a personal level and from a performance perspective, I invite you and encourage you to learn the science and practice of meditation. Specific techniques designed to improve health, reduce stress and enhance performance at a personal level, and in the business as well as the athletic performance fields.

In the same way that you look for someone competent when attempting to get fit or train our bodies in a particular discipline, I recommend you look for someone that has had extensive training in meditation.

Keep in mind that today’s yoga schools are not meditation centers nor do they really know about meditation, as they focus in the physical practice to achieve physical fitness and induce a relaxed state of mind through it. For that reason, I encourage you to find a competent and experienced guidance that can genuinely take you in this amazing path of self healing, self- development, and lasting and sustainable happiness.

In Health and Happiness, Gerardo Mulas

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