Nutrition is very likely one the most important elements of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  The food and liquids that you put in your body have an immediate impact on your energy levels, your body composition, and your long term health.

Stress eating, over eating and eating foods that have low nutritional valueand high level of calories I consider the three main issues affecting many humans.


The demands of long working hours & deadlines to be met, as well as emotional upheavals in personal relationships, manifest in over eating, eating poor quality foods, eating at wrong times, and not taking the time to enjoy the process of feeding oneself.  These are very important factors that need to be modified in order to improve one's health, energy and body composition.


Our recommendations are:


1.Healthy snacks throughout the day (a piece of seasonal fruit or vegetable, or a small portion of nuts and seeds) For energy needs, you have phenomenal fruits, teas and beans, such as acai, green matcha tea and coffee, that will enhance your energy demands throughout the day.


2. Apply portion control for proteins and carbohydrates (yes, excess protein intake can lead to excess body weight and not optimal body composition).  If you are very hungry utilize green leafy vegetables (raw, steamed or grilled) to satisfy your food cravings. 


3. Water intake is crucial for your body to maintain proper hydration levels, regulate appetite, and maintain a healthy digestive system.  Keep in mind our bodies are mainly made of water!


4. Take a minute of two before you eat anything, and develop a sense of appreciation for what you are eating and drinking.