On Resistance/Weight Training

As a long time yogi, I have heard throughout the years among yoga teachers and practitioners how lifting weights and/or doing resistance training is not necessary and even counterproductive for improved range of motion and posture.

Besides my decades of experience in the field of yoga, I have been a collegiate athlete and a professional competitor.  Additionally, I took the time to study kinesiology, sports performance, weight management, and the effects of different forms of exercise in the human body.


It is a fact that resistance training have multiple benefits, particularly done in a progressive and well planned approach.  Through the supervision of a competent fitness professional, you can drastically improve your strength, improve endurance and gain power.  Additionally, it strengthens the connective tissue around the joints, shielding them from hyper mobility and lack of stability.

There are studies done demonstrating that women can benefit immensely from weight/resistance training, since it strengthens your bones, speeds up metabolism and tones your body.  Those approaching menopause or already there should be doing resistance training 2 to 3 times a week in order to maintain good bone density.

Needless to say, doing weight/resistance training doesn't mean you will be lifting heavy weights or you will become bulky and ‘thick’ necessarily.

Remember we all have different body types, the resistance/weight training can be adjusted to achieve your personal goals, and fundamentally speaking, your body constitution dictates how you ‘look’.


Most importantly, cultivating self-acceptance of your body image, and embracing yourself at every level, is the epitome of health and sustainable happiness.


Gerardo is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Additionally, he holds prestigious certifications as a Sports Performance Expert, Cardiovascular Training Expert, Weight Management Expert, and Corrective Exercise Expert.  He studied Kinesiology in Spain.  Gerardo offers personal and group training at his state-of-the-art facility and he also goes to his student's facilities.  Additionally, he provides personalized, fitness, wellness and nutrition plans via on-line correspondence.

Gerardo serves people from all walks of life by improving their health, fitness and wellness.


For more information about how he can enhance your well being contact him directly at info@gerardomulas.com


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Gerardo Mulas