Muzendo Yoga       

Go beyond your regular yoga class.

Deep understanding of the human body and the mechanics of movement and energy makes Muzendo Yoga stand on its own.

Intricate understanding of prana and piercing understanding of the techniques to be utilized to obtain particular results in the practitioner is what Muzendo offers to those of you interested in deep knowledge about our human potential.  Nowhere else will you find this level of knowledge in the art  of mental and physical mastery of energy.



Muzendo BJJ

Muzendo BJJ (BJJ stands for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and/or grappling).  It is a highly effective discipline yet it requires a great deal of dedication in order to become proficient at it.  It is fun, very physical and very technical.  Open to any age, gender, and experience level. 


Muzendo Calisthenics, Personal Training & Movement Mastery

One-on-one, and small group training options available. 

Based upon your particular needs and objectives, we design a plan for you to achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals.  

Gerardo emphasizes the importance of adopting a more integrated lifestyle, where taking care of yourself at several levels, such as your nutrition, your mindfulness, and your physical practices, becomes part of  your daily activities.

He has studied kinesiology and has multiple certifications and accreditations to help people achieve all of their fitness and wellness goals.

Gerardo has studied Yoga for several decades and in multitude of methods, he has a deep understanding of the practice and how to achieve its many benefits.

His understanding of movement comes from intense study and application of both the human and animal mechanics for moving in the most efficient way, and has provided him with an incredible  array of techniques to enhance one's movement, from a top athlete looking to refine their performance to people needing to improve posture and movement for basic everyday activities. 



Muzendo Nutrition Plans

Muzendo's wealth of knowledge, expertise and services goes beyond the gym, mat or the dojo.  We are devoted to the 'Muzendo lifestyle':  Be good to yourself, be good to others, develop yourself in body and mind, become aware of your place in this Earth, cherish and protect its resources, and life your life to the fullest.  In order to align ourselves with the environment, and to obtain optimal health, we have developed Muzendo Nutrition, a sustainable nutrition system that enables you to achieve optimal weight for your body type, educate you on how to select products that are good for you and for the environment, improve your athletic performance, and enjoy every bite of food you put in your mouth.

For that reason, Muzendo Nutrition has  3 amazing options to reset your body and direct you in the fast track towards your physical and mental transformation.

Muzendo's 1-week, 3-week and 8-week plans are the epitome of years of study and research in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, mind-body connection, somatic science, and energetics.  The plans are exclusively tailored to your particular needs.  We have had hundreds of very happy undertakers, and have resulted in major transformations.

Muzendo also does nutrition, fitness and wellness consultations, where you can express your particular needs and goals.  Based upon this, we can guide you to believe in yourself and achieve your objectives through personalized fitness, wellness and nutrition plans.

For more information on how one of our plans can suit your specific needs today, contact us today.