Personal Training & Group Training

One-on-one, two-on-one, three-on-one, and small group training options available.

We can also come to your own facility.  We also offer personalized  programs through online correspondence and videoconferencing. Based upon your particular needs and objectives, we design a plan for you to achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals.

Fields of Expertise:  

Weight Loss.  Injury Rehabilitation.  Athletic Performance.  Cardiorespiratory Performance.  Flexibility, Balance and Agility.  Sport Specific Training. Mixed  Movement  Expertise, Calisthenics.








Equipment required: NOGI BJJ: Rash guard & grappling shorts for grappling.

Welcome to one of the most effective martial arts available!  Muzendo BJJ  Training Programs  will provide you with a complete understanding of the different phases of engagement (from stand up scenarios to all of the ground possibilities), transitions, and a vast array of submissions from all possible angles.  We will teach you the 'traditional' techniques and the 'modern' approach to BJJ, including but not limited to inverted guards, berimbolos, X-guards and so much more.  You will also learn the differences between sport BJJ and the non-sport version.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga: Comfortable clothes, Yoga practice is performed barefoot, bring your own mat or use one from us.  Meditation: Comfortable clothes and an open mind.

Think of Muzendo Yoga and Meditation as Medicine for your body and mind.  Our programs include teaching the beginner all of the fundamentals in order to utilize these practices safely and effectively. For those of you with experience, we have several decades of experience not just teaching but practicing both Yoga and Meditation in depth.  This means that- as opposed to many Yoga methods and academies out there-, instead of getting stuck in how deep you can go into any given position or how long and often you need to 'practice', or any other rigid, biased and unfounded presentations of Yoga and Meditation, we can help you refine your practice to a degree in which your understanding of energy and your understanding of mind will forever be enhanced.

Nutrition Plans and Nutritional Consultations


Weight Loss Plans, Sports Specific Plans, Lifestyle Transformation Programs, Nutrition Education.

Learn and Implement sustainable methods of feeding oneself and your families that enhances one's health, are tasty and delicious, and at the same time are protecting and safeguarding the wellbeing of planet Earth.