Personal Training & Mobility and Movement Mastery


One-on-one and small group training options available.

We can also come to your own facility.  We also offer personalized  programs through online correspondence and videoconferencing. Based upon your particular needs and objectives, we design a plan for you to achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals.

Fields of Expertise:  

Weight Loss.  Injury Rehabilitation.  Athletic Performance.  Strength Training. Cardiorespiratory Performance.  Flexibility, Balance and Agility.  Sport Specific Training. Mixed  Movement  Expertise, Calisthenics.






BJJ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



Equipment required: GI & NOGI BJJ: Gi—Kimono and NOGI—Rash guard & grappling shorts.

Welcome to one of the most effective martial arts available! BJJ  Training Programs  will provide you with a complete understanding of the different phases of engagement (from stand up scenarios to all of the ground possibilities), transitions, and a vast array of submissions from all possible angles.  We will teach you the 'traditional' techniques and the 'modern' approach to BJJ, including but not limited to inverted guards, berimbolos, X-guards and so much more.  You will also learn the differences between sport BJJ and the non-sport version. BJJ is not just one of the most effective martial arts, it is also a lifestyle, where you develop camaraderie among your training partners, help those less experienced, learn from those more seasoned and show respect and appreciation for the professors. BJJ is aligned with a worldwide community of men and women dedicated to improve themselves both on the mat and off mat. Gerardo can help you achieve incredible levels of mastery as well as prepare you for competition should you want to explore that avenue. Jiu-Jitsu has been proven to be of pivotal support with both kids and adults alike at a psychological and physical levels. Gerardo is an Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt practitioner, teacher and competitor, who happens to love this martial art and devotes his life to refine it for both self-development and personal mastery. He has over 2 decades of teaching experience, you will have fun and learn from an authentic teacher.

Yoga, Mobility and Jungle Movement System

Muzedno 19.jpg

Attire: Comfortable clothes, these practices are to be performed barefoot, bring your own mat or use one from us.

Attitude: Respectful, humble and with an open mind.

Think of Yoga as Medicine for your body and mind.  Our programs include teaching the beginner all of the fundamentals in order to utilize these practices safely and effectively, and those more experienced to equip you with a more refined understanding of breathing and internal locks and energy centers to refine and enhance your practice.  

5 Elements Mobility and Jungle Movement System can eb defined as mastering your ability to move in a multidirectional way an under any plane of motion available in the human body. This method is ideal for any athlete, dancer or fitness devotee looking to improve performance in their particular sport or craft, and simply discover the incredible abilities of the human body. 5 Elements Jungle System is distilled from the observation of the entire animal kingdom and how they adapt, survive and live in their particular environments, and how, as a human being, we can adopt their movement patterns to obtain agility, strength, balance and interconnectedness, Ideal for adults looking to become more open and playful while getting in tremendous fitness shape, and ideal for kids to develop motor skills, coordination, connection to the vast array of the animal realm, and a deep understanding of our human bodies.

Nutrition + Fitness Programs: Major Weight Loss and Overall Success.


Weight Loss Plans, Sports Specific Plans, Lifestyle Transformation Programs, Nutrition Education.

Learn and Implement sustainable methods of feeding oneself and your families to enhances one's health while having tasty and delicious meals.