Elite Fitness Training 

Yoga I Martial Arts I Nutrition

Transform your body, transform your mind, become your best! We serve human beings by disseminating highly effective and transformational practices.

12-Week Lifestyle Transformation Program:

Commit to yourself! Transform your body, transform your mind, become your best!  12-week tailored program including a personalized fitness & nutrition program as well as yoga techniques to transform your body and mind and help you achieve all of your fitness and health goals. This program is literally a LIFE CHANGER!  Sign-up HERE!

Muzendo Lifestyle Transformation 12-week Program:

Local Training and Online programs available.

Muzendo Personal & Group Fitness Training

Achieve your ideal body weight, increase your strength, enhance athletic performance, rehabilitate your body, increase your energy levels.  Tailored programs providing you with all of the tool to achieve all of your fitness goals, as well as learning yogic and martial arts techniques to improve your overall health and well being. Sign-up HERE!

Online Personal & Group Training programs available.     

Muzendo Yoga & Meditation

Our unique and very powerful Indo-Tibetan yogic methods, which you won't find elsewhere, will optimize your physical and emotional health, as well as your body alignment, core strength, flexibility and balance. Our fundamental distinction between Muzendo Yoga & Meditation and other popular methods out there today,  is the specific breathing techniques and body movements we proclaim, which will enhance your physical and mental wellbeing as you have not experienced before! Amazing results! Sign-up HERE!

Muzendo Yoga & Meditation offerings:

Local private and small group training and Online programs available.

Muzendo Martial Arts:  BJJ & Kickboxing

Learn, enjoy and develop amazing skills.  We do provide unparalleled guidance for the beginner, recreational and competition levels.  Our fields of expertise include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing.

Muzendo BJJ & KB:

Local Personal & Group Training programs available; workshop&master classes available.  

Muzendo Nutrition Programs and Education Coaching

Online Tailored Nutrition programs available.

Education and personalized programs to lose weight, improve performance, enhance your health, and learn to implement a sustainable eating approach where food becomes  enjoyment, nourishment and deepens one's connection to our planet. Learn how to eat well, improve your health and body image, share it with your family, become an inspiration to others!

Muzendo Nutrition & Education Coaching:

Local Personal & Group Training programs available; workshop&master classes available.